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Welcome to El Shaddai Church
“ El Shaddai” is the name of a local charismatic church in Pruszków. We are a part of the Church of God in Poland (Kościół Boży This church is one of the biggest Charismatic and Pentecostal denominations in Poland. “El Shaddai” Church was established in February 2016, with the aim to reach south-west subs of Warsaw area.
We hold a regular church service each Sunday at 11.11 am in the conference room at Hotel Tadros, at 5 Niecala street in Pruszków. We are passionate about praise and worship of God, we believe in teachings based on solid biblical foundations, we pray for each other, our town and country as well as we share our testimonies of God’s power in our lives. After each service, we enjoy fellowship with each other over coffee and sweets.
Our Pastor, who is an experienced Christian counselor, offers individual spiritual guidance as well as advice and support on various family matters and marriage. People who are planning to get married can attend a dedicated course to help them build a solid marriage based on Godly foundations.
We are committed to seeing more people in our community saved and come to know Jesus Christ as their personal savior. We preach God’s word and proclaim Good News in many different ways – on the streets, in the parks, on the internet. We hold community and church meetings, film screenings, music concerts etc. Additionally, we organize a week long Christian holiday camp, where we enjoy worship, teachings, and good fellowship. We enjoy spending free time in a Christian atmosphere: bike trips, sailing trips or walking adventures, in many different locations.
We maintain close ties with many foreign churches and in particular we belong to a network of churches associated with Impact Church in Roskilde, Denmark.

Mission Statement and Vision
Our main goal is to share Good News of Salvation and Freedom in Christ. We desire, that each and every person, irrespective of their personal, family or material situation, experiences the power of God’s word. We believe that Jesus Christ is Alive; He forgives our sins, He heals, He makes us free from demonic oppression, He baptizes in the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is the answer to all spiritual questions.

Our Pastor
Pastor Jacek was born in Warsaw, Poland. He first heard the Good News about the salvation through faith in Jesus Christ when he was a university student. Soon thereafter, he was baptised in the Holy Spirit and in the water. He has been an active Christian servant since 1989. He was one of the founding members of the Christian Students’ Association in Poland. He led one from the first Christian radio stations in Poland – Radio Mazury. He is also an author of many Christian articles as well as he actively engages in many inter-church projects designed to preach God’s word in Poland. He is on a management team of “Voice of the Gospel” Foundation. Pastor Jacek was ordained as a minister in 2003. He has a particular interest in Christian family counseling, pre and marriage counseling. He is passionate about seeing people overcome their problems and live full and transformed lives in Jesus. He wants to see peoples’ lives transformed, so that they are a reflection of God’s plan and are abundant in good fruit.
He is a dynamic preacher of God’s word. He is active in the service of deliverance ministry. He operates in spiritual gifts, mainly in the spirit of wisdom and prophecy. He also puts a lot of emphasis on a solid and practical bible education.
Pastor Jacek has a M.A. in Management (University of Warsaw), M.A. in Communication (Regent University, Virginia Beach, USA), executive MBA (University of Gdańsk). He graduate Biblical Seminary of the Christian Church of Evangelical Faith, International Institute for Biblical Studies (Austria), where he received Advanced Certificate Studies in Practical Ministries. He also completed School of Family Canceling Institute for Christian Resources in San Jose, USA & Christian Bible Institute in Warsaw, Poland. He attended Jonathan David Permanent School of Prophets in Muar, Malaysia. Furthermore he completed special course for professional spiritual Christian help for people with mental problems at Polish branch of De’Ignis Fundation.
In his private life, our pastor is married to Lidia and he is a proud father of 3 children. He enjoys water sports, motor boats and he is a boat helmsman. He loves travel and adventure and he is especially fun of Scandinavia and Slovakia.